At ProStar Energy Solutions, we feel today’s Agricultural industry is facing exciting opportunities with the use of solar technology, IOT and energy efficient LED lighting.

Our mission is to be a resource for the Ag industry in designing a solution to the high-energy demands of food production and food processing with Ag-specific LED fixtures, IOT programs and alternative energy production.

LED for Ag

LED lighting systems have proven to be a key role with our customers to improve milk production on dairy farms without the use of synthetic bsT drugs in the process of animal care. Our Ag team will assist you in the photometric design of your animal housing facility to improve animal health and production with Long Day Photometric Period lighting levels using a LED lighting system. In the food processing areas, we can design a lighting system that includes NSF fixtures and lighting levels to meet regulatory guidelines.

IoT for Ag

Our IOT team will assist you in labor saving devices, lighting control programs and energy saving control systems to bring your business to your fingertips. This includes the installation of LED lighting and other HVAC and refrigeration systems. We can also provide energy efficient fans, soakers and misters, all controlled by temperature sensors. 

Solar for Ag

Our Ag customers are stewards of the land; now we can also help them harvest the sun. Let our Solar team assist you in a system designed for your business. Whether you want a solar system behind the meter to improve ROI’s on your farm by making your own energy or have a solar farm and sell the energy to the grid…our team is here to design, permit and install your system.

“LED Benefits on the Farm”
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