Why ProStar?

Time and again our clients were frustrated to learn that most energy solutions offered by other companies were specifically driven to sell their products. ProStar was inspired to create an Energy consulting firm dedicated to helping businesses save money by providing the best energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions available, without regard to product brands.

We are passionate about sustainability. ProStar Energy team members stay current with the most up-to-date technology in LED lighting, HVAC Systems, Solar energy, Rebate Management, and Utility Procurement. ProStar Energy is your one stop to begin creating a complete energy efficiency plan for your company that will increase your profit margin. Ask us about how our audit and design team can work with you to provide a healthier, safer, and cost-efficient environment, that will provide a bright and beautiful environment for both employees and clients.



We provide design + performance consultation for LED light implementation projects to help you reduce cost and maximize light quality with financing options available. 


We have expertise in solar project developments and ensure our clients receive the highest level of engineering excellence.


We build IoT solutions that help optimize the environmental conditions for energy efficiency and we create platforms that give you the ability to monitor and measure data.

HVAC/ Mechanical

From re-commissioning to scheduling planned unit replacements, our programs conserve energy and help your bottom line.

Rebate Management

We save you money by identifying, filing, and obtaining utility rebate and incentive money to support your financial goals.

Project Engineering

We look at the technical and financial aspects of all projects so we can drive the highest environmental value at the minimum cost.

Energy Management Consulting Services

We provide energy management consulting services to a wide range of industries and serve as the exclusive energy consulting service provider to the Dallas Cowboys, and many other clients around the globe.

OUR Services

Financial Risk Management

Utility Bill Auditing


Renewable Energy

Demand Side

Infrastructure Design


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Data Centers




Warehouse Facilities

Automotive Dealerships


Climate Control Facilities

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