Our manual forensic analysis processes are built on over twenty years of success in resolving the most complex energy and utility issues facing commercial and industrial clients across all types of industries.

We dig deeper and uncover more opportunities to return lost capital to our Clients.

Refunds – can go back years!

Ongoing billing errors can drain thousands of hard-earned dollars from the bottom line every month. Our team of experts will identify overcharges on past energy and utility billings and recover the maximum refund available under the applicable law, ordinance, or tariff.

Savings – can last forever!

Missing savings opportunities considered “voluntary” by the utility translates into reduced profits. Our team will find and implement all available savings opportunities to ensure your organization’s utility costs are optimized to the lowest possible level.

Our Guarantee – If the utility bill audit does not result in refunds or verified cost savings, you owe nothing!

ProStar assumes all cost risks to perform the work. There are no fees to you until after a refund has been received or actual, verifiable savings have occurred.

Assurance of a full turnkey solution with minimal client impact

Simple implementation process

ProStar will get the audit process started with one copy of a recent bill for each account included in the utility bill audit. Our team can work directly with the energy and utility vendors to obtain the historical data necessary to complete the analysis.

ProStar handles all vendor communication necessary to recover refunds and implement savings

We manage the recovery process for refunds and implementation steps to generate savings from start to finish. Our team completes and files all the paperwork that utilities require to take advantage of rate options or other voluntary programs.

We work remotely, no requirement to visit sites or disrupt operations!

Realize a lasting positive impact to the bottom line – typically 3-5% of total annual utility spend – in combined savings and refunds

Many of the savings opportunities we identify lower costs in perpetuity, creating a residual benefit that accrues as long as your organization operates the facility!

Whether a utility bill audit results in a refund for overpayment or a reduction in costs, or we are able to help you switch to a new rate or provider, you’ll be pleased with the results. Our main goal is to make sure you are not paying too much for your utilities.

We provide a no-risk offer in which you will only compensate us in the event we identify savings. You pay nothing if we do not identify any opportunities.

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