Solar-powered energy

Solar-Powered energy is a great way to take control of your energy rather than continuing to depend on massive and impersonal utility companies.

At ProStar Energy, we ensure that you have the most cost-effective clean energy products available, and the comfort of knowing they’re properly installed for maximum efficiency.

How We Capture Solar Energy

Panels Convert the Suns Energy into DC Electricity

Inverter Convert DC into AC Electricity

Building Uses as much Electricity as is Required

Excess Electricity is Sent to the Grid in Exchange for Credit


Our in-house solar development team of professional engineers and project managers take a holistic approach to assure you receive integrated design, installation, and performance monitoring and reporting.

Energy Usage

We also take a detailed study of your energy usage and trends so that designs meet your long-range energy master plan and needs.


We work diligently to select the right location and design is determined.

Financial Model

We will finalize your financial model, making sure your system is sized for maximum savings.

Performance Services

We offer multiple financing options to find the best fit possible for your business.

We provide expert consulting services during every stage of the solar project development life cycle from concept to commissioning and beyond.