Project Engineering

Our objective is to design operationally efficient facilities,

with the least environmental impact, to achieve financial sustainability

Our team possesses the unrivaled ability to strategically plan, develop, design and construct projects to enhance system infrastructure, reduce energy and generate on-site energy from traditional or renewable sources, such as solar power. We also provide financial solutions backed by a performance guarantee.

We look at the technical and financial aspects of all projects so we can drive the highest environmental value at minimum cost. We know you will find our performance and problem-solving indispensable in managing a job and providing you cost-saving solutions.

Project MANAGEMENT Solutions Include

Single Point Solutions

from initial project development to final system commissioning and project turnover without the need to subcontract project development, engineering or construction management services.

Vendor Neutrality

as a result of the fact that we do not make or sell equipment. We recommend solutions that are in our clients’ best interests.

Robust Internal Technical Resources

Unlike typical ESCOs, 100% of the engineering and project management is delivered in-house by professional engineers on staff.

Featured Project:

Twelve Cowboys Way – Frisco, Texas

LED Project for New Build Construction

OUR Project Engineers

  • Independently conduct a site visit to create a mechanical and electrical plan of your specific building or site.
  • Work with a multi-disciplinary team to develop a project plan, typically involving retrofits and energy efficiency improvements
  • Analyze energy consumption data
  • Perform and review the Energy Efficiency Technical Audit reports, feasibility studies, and reports for turnkey projects
  • Oversee the planning/implementation of your project

Our engineering team works for you to evaluate and verify that existing systems are performing in accordance with industry standards and are optimized to consume the least amount of energy. Additionally, we work as an independent third party to verify and design any planned systems to be sure they will meet your requirements and industry performance standards.