An IoT energy management system continually collects data from a network of intelligent devices and sensors.

The areas in which IoT is effective are in:

preventing outages

comprehensive smart business approach

analyzing energy consumption

IoT is here to stay and it has the potential to revolutionize the world in the same way the Internet did. A good IoT strategy, properly implemented, can help your energy management practices take a huge leap forward.
Define your Data Needs

At ProStar, we do not want you to buy a ton of connectable sensors throughout your building and hope the data is valuable. Instead, we want to work with you to understand what data your building management strategy could benefit from. The most important step is defining your data needs. This is where all IoT energy strategies must begin. Once we understand your data needs, we tailor an IoT energy savings strategy to meet those goals.

Unify your IoT Platform
The next step is implementing IoT data-collecting solutions in the right places. ProStar Energy works with you to ensure real-time energy data is readily available through its IoT platform. We have created a unified IoT platform to collect and centralize data across our clients’ assets so they can make better informed decisions around their energy spend. Better decisions lead to efficiencies and savings directly impacting the bottom line.
Monitor and Measure Data
Success in IoT and energy management depends on understanding your market and evaluating the opportunities. This is the ProStar benefit. Our people understand energy management systems and processes. We know how to manage energy infrastructure. We create platforms that give you the ability to monitor and measure data. By connecting the different networks of smart devices, you gain visibility into your energy consumption. From HVAC to lighting, the usage can now be adjusted based on the need of each area, on each day, and at specific times. This comprehensive energy consumption view and ability to adjust and tailor the system with precision ensures that no energy is wasted.