There is no time like the present for hotels to begin reaping the energy-saving benefits of new technologies. We have the people, processes, and technology to help hotels find the right smart energy-management systems to maximize savings.

We can start with a free audit to pinpoint the areas where we can save energy and increase your bottom line. We offer utility bill auditing services and rebate management programs as well as energy procurement services.

Here are some of other ways we might be able to assist:

HOTEL LED Lighting

ProStar Energy has access to many different brands of hotel LED lighting and resort lighting solutions, including LED hospitality lighting fixtures as well as LED retrofits for existing hotel light fixtures. LED lights serve the varied needs of hotels, while providing substantial cost savings

When it comes to hotels, it’s essential to provide high quality lighting for the benefit of guests and to enhance commercial appeal. At ProStar, we combine hospitality LED lighting With IoT control systems so you can choose the options that fit each area in terms of light intensity.

Cost efficiency

While your hotel or resort may not always be operating at full occupancy, all the lighting in your lobbies, hallways and other common areas are operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Operational costs must be taken into consideration. Additionally, LED lighting fixtures, and retrofit options offer dramatic energy savings of up to 80% compared to traditional lighting options, while also reducing air conditioning load.


Many areas in a hotel normally have high ceilings and high customer traffic, making the task of bulb replacement difficult and inconvenient. The task also requires special lifts or towers or may not be achievable until early morning hours when traffic is at a minimum. Since LED lighting last for 50,000 hours or more, the need for maintenance or replacement is also drastically reduced.

Free Audit

Let our LED lighting experts perform a free lighting audit of your hotel, to show you how switching to energy-efficient hotel LED lighting can substantially improve your bottom line. With many government incentives available, now is the best time to look at changing your lighting to a better quality, longer lasting and more energy-efficient system.

HVAC Hotel Solutions
On one hand, hotels must ensure guests’ satisfaction and provide a comfortable work environment for employees. On the other hand, hotels also need to cut cost because the HVAC system is a big energy expense. Although retrofit of an HVAC system can be expensive, it is worth it for hotels with old equipment. We work with you to see if there are rebates available and other financing options. Usually, the investment will be covered in just few years and bring your hotel many long-term benefits. In addition, a new HVAC system helps hotels to be socially responsible and protect our environment.
Let ProStar Energy help you design a successful energy efficient HVAC system that will provide comfort to your guests while reducing your energy costs.
Call to schedule your free HVAC audit or to speak with one of our HVAC professionals about our HVAC energy saving solutions.

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