Financial Risk Management

Our Financial Risk Management services reduce total cost of risk and volatility.

There is not a global strategy that suits all consumer associated energy risks. There are, however, multiple products that will characteristically allow a consumer to align their business to what is appropriate for their business. ProStar Energy helps determine what type of retail energy product is right for your business.

ProStar Energy has a team of Risk Management experts who consider all unique characteristics of your business before recommending the best energy needs for your business. We also highlight for you the differences in energy products so you can easily see the various degrees of risk protection for each product.

We map the risk and return so that business management can make informed decisions.

When evaluating risk related to energy agreements, it is vital to ask the following:

Is cost certainty important to my business?

Can I handle monthly cost swings in return for possibly lower operating expenses?

Will I continue to operate in my current location for the foreseeable future?

Are my current operational characteristics going to remain consistent?

Am I expanding/ contracting?

Each consumer is different, as are each company’s risk tolerances. Depending on what the priorities are for your business, certain energy products will be better situated to align with what is important to you.

Energy Risk Continuum

ProStar Energy uses risk management tools to accurately measure and control an organization’s exposure to commodity prices using value at risk. Our energy procurement experts negotiate proprietary supply agreements directly with energy vendors.

An effective risk management framework must include:

  • Risk policies tailored to your specific business model;
  • Front-to-back office organization capabilities that match risk management needs;
  • Risk management processes tailored to the complexity of the organization; 
  • Systems that support your risk management goals.